Bangor Bomb Team Robot Removes Grenade 

A section of downtown Bangor was closed off Tuesday morning while Bangor’s bomb team went to work. Bangor Public Works employee, Steve Taylor, found something he wasn’t expecting during a job at Davis and Main Streets in Bangor. ” They happened to find what appeared to be a hand grenade next to a building, that white cement building next to the excavator, they found that while working outside,” explained Sgt. Paul Edwards with the Bangor Police Department. Taylor called 911 and Bangor’s bomb team took it from there. ” They used the robot to safely move that hand grenade into that containment vessel,” said Edwards. ” It’s designed to withstand an explosion, so once it’s in there if it does happen to go off it’s not going to do any damage to the surrounding area,” explained Sgt. Jim Buckley, who is a member of the Bangor Police Department’s bomb team. The robot is a huge help to police in situations like this. ” Without that robot it would have taken man hours, suiting up in the bomb suit. It would have taken several hours to dispose of it properly,” said Edwards. ” If it were to go off when you picked it up, it will kill ya. That’s why we had to move all the people back from the area,” added Buckley. The grenade will be destroyed by the bomb team. ” We’ll take it out with the robot, put it next to the charge, and blow it up,” said Buckley. When the worker found it, the grenade was just laying in the grass and police say Taylor did everything right. ” Don’t ever try to handle something like that and assume that it’s safe. Call Bangor police or the town you live in. Bomb teams are always available to take care of that stuff,” said Edwards. Members of the bomb team determined the grenade was a fully functional training device with an active blasting cap, but no other explosive powders.