Swanville Man Faces No Jail Time after Threatening with Dangerous Weapon 

A man from Swanville is facing no jail time and no felony conviction after being sentenced in Belfast on Monday.Ben Thompson, 28, was sentenced to spend twelve days in a second offender program.In June of 2011, a Belfast police officer shot Thompson four times after Thompson got of out his car with a gun and held it in threatening way. A jury convicted Thompson last fall of OUI, having a loaded firearm in his vehicle and failure to stop for an officer.The Waldo County Deputy District Attorney, Eric Walker, says they took a plea in the deal a few weeks ago, after the jury deadlocked on the most serious charge of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. “I think everyone is really pleased with the outcome here. This is a rare case where I think everyone: the defense, the defense attorney, the police, my office, everyone in the end agrees that this was the proper result.”Steven Peterson, attorney of the defense, commented, saying, “primarily because of the firearms issue, we didn’t want to have a felony conviction on his record and the state did. After a considerable period of time, we were about to pick a jury a second time, agreed to a deferred disposition that allows him to just have a misdemeanor conviction, if everything goes well.”A retrial was set until a plea agreement was reached.Thompson will also have his license suspended for three years and $700 fine.