Emotional Day During Sentencing Of Jackson Man Convicted In Death Of Florida Man 

A man from Jackson was sentenced Monday in Belfast for the drug-related shooting of a man from Florida.25-year-old Daniel Porter had already pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of Jerry Perdomo.Police say Porter owed Perdomo $3,000 for drugs.The courtroom was packed with family and friends for both Jerry Perdomo and Daniel Porter.A judge sentenced porter to 16 years behind bars.It was an emotional day for the families and friends of Jerry Perdomo and Daniel Porter.Perdomo’s wife told the judge her life has changed forever and she wanted porter to know how her two kids, now eleven and four, will never be the same without their dad.”I’ll never forget her crying and I knew that at that moment everything changed. She was so innocent before, she was an innocent ten year old and then afterwards, she no longer has innocence in her eyes,” said Tonya Perdomo.Perdomo’s mother had her husband speak on her behalf, saying she has chosen to forgive Porter and he needs to ask for God’s forgiveness now.”His life was abruptly taken from us, we will forever hurt. It would be an injustice in my opinion not to give Daniel Porter the maximum sentence,” said Jerry Perdomo’s stepfather for his wife.”His life was abruptly taken from us, we will forever hurt. It would be an injustice in my opinion not to give Daniel Porter the maximum sentence.”Friends and family of Porter said he was selfless and generous and would be there for anyone who needed help.Porter’s mother also spoke to the judge.”When I think of Daniel, I think of respect, generous, loving courage. I thank every one of you for coming out here today, and your support for my son. For believing in him, for standing by him. Your Honor, my son is a decent man, who is also a victim here. He has been such a positive impact on so many people, and I replayed it in my mind at least a hundred times in the last week, and I know that, without a doubt, Daniel was put into a horrible position on February 16th,” said Daniel Porter’s mother.During a short recess, the mothers of Porter and Perdomo embraced in a tearful hug.Porter also addressed the court, telling the Perdomo family he’s spent many sleepless nights thinking of what he’s taken away from the kids affected.”I’m the reason that they have to suffer a loss that no child should have to feel,” said Porter.He apologized to everyone for his mistakes, and said he’s looking to his future for the first time in his life.His attorney says he wasn’t surprised by the outcome.”One of the things I thought the judge might put a little more emphasis on was just the fact that Mr. Perdomo was not an innocent bystander in this, and what I consider an active participant, and it was his conduct that had a direct correlation to the events that generated his death,” said Jeffrey Silverstein, defense attorney.Perdomo’s family and the prosecution are pleased with the judge’s decision.”The state is pleased with the sentence that the court imposed here today. Certainly the 30 years to the department of corrections that was imposed by agreement underscores just how serious an offense this was. This defendant was engaged in drug trafficking here in the state of Maine and he engaged in violent criminal conduct,” said Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea.Included in Porter’s sentence is restitution of about $11,000 that will go to Perdomo’s family for funeral and travel expenses.