Burglary Trial For Levant Man Began Monday 

Michael Chapman of Levant had his trial begin Monday.He faces four charges from the break-in at the A-E Robinson store in Corinth.Police say thieves got inside the locked store by backing a pickup through its locked doors.According to Police the pickup was found in flames a short distance from the store.Neither side disagrees the burglary happened.”One of the things you should also know about this case ladies and gentlemen is that all four of these people were acting together they were assistants of one another, they were helping each other it’s what in the law we call accomplices,” said District Attorney Chris Almy.”My client does not deny that this, in fact, burglary, occurred, he doesn’t deny that there was a fire in this truck, he denies involvement,” said Chapman’s attorney Seth Harrow.Opening statements wrapped up Monday afternoon, and the State started calling their first witnesses.The trial is expected to last for most of this week.