Active Shooter Response Scenario in Orono Gives Local College Students Real World Experience 

Local college students training to be first responders got some very important real world experience today.The Orono Police Department put on an active shooter simulation at Orono High School.”What we’re doing is we’re putting people into a real life scenario to teach them survival mindset about surviving an active shooting event,” said Sgt. Scott Wilcox, with Orono PD. The scenario functioned as a day long training exercise for students enrolled in Husson University’s Student Police Academy.”I’m honored to get this privilege and that Husson has collaborated with Orono Police Department to make this possible for students to participate in things like this. This is basically the final step until I go to the (police) academy,” said senior, criminal justice major, Caroline Casey. Husson students studying forensics, education, nursing, and mental health also responded to the scene, as well as students from NESCom who worked on their reporting skills.The simulation made an impact on the students.”This day has been an eye opener because this kind of stuff happens around the country and a lot of people are in denial about it, you know it can’t happen to us, but when you are put into this high stress situation, you know it’s definitely an eye opener. Made me realize that it’s something I want to do. I want to help people. I want to mediate situations. I like the hands on stuff so it’s right up my alley,” said Ryan Bailey, a sophomore, criminal justice major at Husson University. “We hope that what they take away is the ability to stay as safe as they possibly can and not to be in the denial that this can’t happen anywhere, so if they can better prepare themselves today in a controlled training environment where everybody gets to go home, everybody learns from any mistakes that are made, so when then go out into the workforce they are better prepared,” said Sgt. Wilcox. “The best real grade is that they’re prepared for careers when they leave the university,” said Husson University President Bob Clark.