Wish Granted for Little Boy with Muscular Dystrophy 

A wish is coming true for a young boy from Addison. TV 5 caught up with the family at Bangor International Airport before they left for their big trip. Noa Alicea is ready for the trip of a lifetime. ” I’ve been telling him that there’s so many great things to see and he’s going to have so much fun, he’s going to be so excited,” said Maliena Alicea, Noa’s sister. Now has muscular dystrophy so his parents got in touch with Make-A-Wish Maine to help make his wish come true. ” He’s such an energetic little boy and we wanted to do something really fun for him while he was still able to walk and do things,” said Laurie Alicea, Noa’s mom. Noa’s going to Disney World to meet Buzz Lightyear. ” I think it’s going to be a lifetime memory. He’s been talking about it. He doesn’t get excited about many things, but he’s been up for the past week, just waiting for it,” explained Hector Alicea, Noa’s dad. It’s a wish that’s taking Noa to infinity and beyond.