Update: Controlled Burn in Orrington Starts Barn Fire 

Fire destroyed a barn in Orrington Thursday afternoon after a controlled burn got out of control. The fire started at the corner of Pleasant Hill and River Road. We’re told the owners of the barn had a burn permit and were getting rid of overgrown grass. They say they’d just finished burning on the south side of the barn and thought they’d put the fire out. But as they started working on the north side of the barn, they turned around and saw the building burning. Orrington Fire Chief Michael Spencer says, “It was completely engulfed when we got here – a huge ball of fire, which made it collapse. And once it collapsed, it was a matter of getting a deck gun on it, which was multiple gallons of water.”Spencer says the owners were doing everything right, the fire just got away from them. Even though it’s under investigation, he doesn’t expect any charges.