Dental Academy Gives Students Chance to Learn about Dentistry 

High school students interested in dentistry are getting some hands-on experience this week.TV5 stopped by Penobscot Community Health Care’s Dental Academy. For Hampden Academy student Sarah Burby, things are a little more teeth-on than hands-on. Dental assistants are making molds of Burby’s teeth. ” I came here to kind of get an idea of what the dental field has to offer,” explained Burby. The dental assistants aren’t just making impressions of her teeth, they’re hoping to make an impression on her, too. ” They get to see us with patients, they get to see all the different types of care that we give to people, especially people with special needs, things like that,” said Joe Allen, a dental assistant at PCHC. For three days, high school students get to learn from dental professionals at PCHC. ” Each time we shadowed someone different and each time there was something different to see,” said Burby. Burby isn’t sure she wants to dig her teeth into dentistry, but for some participants, they know this is the career for them. ” I want to be an oral surgeon so this will give me a good opportunity to learn,” said Nick LaGross, a student at Nokomis High School. ” I want to be an orthodontist when I get older, so this is just kind of helping further what I want to learn and it’s really great,” added Savanna Leavitt, also a student at Nokomis High School. Whether they choose a career in the dental world or not, the academy is still an experience they can smile about. For more information on PCHC and the dental academy, click here.