City Council Set to Vote on Sex Offender Residency Restrictions 

Sex offender residency restrictions could soon keep criminals away from children in Bangor. On Wednesday, the Government Operations Committee discussed a proposed ordinance that would limit people convicted of Class A, B, or C sex offenses, against a person younger than 14, from living within 750-feet of public areas where children are the primary users.In 2010, a similar ordinance was shot down in a lopsided vote, but some councilors are voicing their support. Bangor is home to 141 convicted sex offenders. Some locals think that’s too many and called on the council to tighten restrictions, but others are saying it’s not that simple. “If sex offenders are actually pushed out and they don’t have access to the resources that they need to keep them on an even keel, when all of us are stressed in some way we often drawback to some of those bad habits,” said Angel Shaw of Rape Response Services. Donna Wright of Ohio Street asked, “I think about these children, and these people are predators for the most part, and yes when they are stressed they will revert to bad habits but can’t we start putting more limits?” The issue goes before a full council on Monday and committee members expect a vote to be taken. If passed, sex offenders already living in restricted areas would not be forced to leave.