UMaine Scholars Present Research Projects 

Some students at the University of Maine go the extra mile.On Tuesday, those scholars presented research projects to an eager audience. The reality of college for some students is a daily routine of classes and homework, but some students at the University of Maine took that into their own hands by developing a virtual reality. “The thing is there’s no peripheral vision on that headset.”That is just one of the many projects on display today at the 4th annual Undergraduate Research and Academic Showcase. “The center for undergraduate research on campus here promotes the culture of independent learning, so we have these annual showcase events that we have students and faculty come and present the work that they have done during the past year.”171 different projects developed by a combination of nearly 300 students and faculty filled the Wells Conference Center. For some, the afternoon was a culmination of multiple years of work. “When MDMI is not functioning, you don’t get the inner feuron production.”Topics ranged from financial systems, using bacteria and wireless sensors to better human health, and how age related eye diseases effect one’s ability to drive. “I built a virtual reality driving simulator here. We have a head mounted display, you put it on and look around and then I can alter what you see inside.” “So if you have glaucoma in your eye, how would you see the road. We can try to see how glaucoma will impair drivers and how we can fix this.”