Many Excited for Coming Cross Insurance Center 

The first scheduled event in the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor is Bangor High School’s graduation.There’s still work that needs to be done before that celebration can happen. If buildings don’t typically excite you, this one might buck the trend. The $65-million Cross Insurance Center is replacing the old Bangor Auditorium and Civic Center. “I think this is going to be a better facility for people to come and enjoy the events that are held here,” said Patrick Flemming, Executive Director of the Gambling Control Board.As people get a chance to take a look inside the new building, they seem to be impressed. “When you go out into the arena part of it, and you see all the seats and how much potential that space has, that’s impressive,” remarked Bangor City Councilor, Charlie Longo.The goal is to attract more people and events to Bangor. “From a large conference, to a small expo, to acts like Elton John, this facility has everything available that Boston has, that Portland has, that anywhere across this country has,” Longo continued.And while you can’t replace the history of the Auditorium, you can make new memories, in a building that’s gaining a lot of popularity.