From Bangor to Boston: Local Residents Give Back From Afar 

The waiting area at the American Red Cross in Bangor was a lot more crowded than usual and donors all had one thing on their minds.”I saw it on twitter about all that happened and I was so devastated because like it’s so close and so many people were affected. I knew there was going to be a need and I wanted to do something. This is the least I can do,” said Libbey Long, a Hermon resident. For some donors, this was more personal.”Grew up in Boston. Went to Boston University. I really feel personally violated. It’s my home town, so I’m here to give back,” said Andrew Sarto, now a Bangor resident. “Boston is a place that my niece and I go every year. It’s a very special place in my heart. I wanted to actually get up and do something more tangible, so donating blood is something that I think everybody can do,” said Mandi Oechslie, from Brewer. This father of a three and five year old wanted to be good example for his kids.”I knew a few people who were running in the race and I had known that there was a little kid that died in it and some other people who were injured so all the circumstances sort of combined into one,” said Jesse Hargrove. No matter how many miles away, there is always some way to help.”People feel that there is nothing you can do during these kinds of times, but there is something you can do. One blood donation can safe up to three lives,” said Katirna Walls, another donor. “Donate blood, money, anything for those who have been effected,” said Long. And, this Bostonian couldn’t agree more with the President when he said, “Boston is a tough and resilent town, and so are its people.””Ya I smiled. It is and this won’t keep Boston down in the least,” said Sarto. To find an American Red Cross near you go to Donor Center in Bangor is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11AM-6PM and Friday and Saturday from 8AM to 2PM.