Witnesses Describe Boston Marathon Bombings 

”What happened, what happened? And we were like, two bombs just exploded, don’t go over there, don’t go over there. Then I just started balling crying because you just don’t know what’s happening,” said Emerson College reporter Erin Farley. Patriots Day pandemonium at the finish line of the Boston Marathon has left New Englanders and the nation stunned. “It’s pretty devastating to know something that has been a tradition for 117 years has now been tainted by someone through violence,” said former WABI TV reporter Amy McHugh. Two explosive devices, detonated within seconds of each other, injuring nearly one hundred people, and at present time, killing 3. “It was chaos because as you can imagine the finish line is lined with rows and rows of people that are there to cheer on the athletes and so you had this mass exodus of people that were running away from that area,” said Jennifer Hubbard, a volunteer from Old Town working the finish line at the marathon. At nearby schools like Emerson College on Boylston Street, administrators declared a campus lockdown, asking students to remain in their dorm buildings while officials searched the streets for other devices. “And so we are about a half mile away and our building is in lockdown and so Emerson is just trying to contain everybody on campus and just try to keep everybody inside,” said Emerson Junior Brendan Stackhouse. Onlookers described the scene as eerily quiet in the minutes after the explosions”We are definitely in shock, I mean we didn’t expect this and I think the thing that was so strange is how quiet it was. You know when you’re in downtown Boston and there’s a lot of people, It’s never that quiet,” said onlooker Jane Coit. “It was really strange to go, in a span of 10 minutes, from the ultimate celebratory mood with people just running down the street with beads, and drinks and so happy to just people having no idea what was going on and trying to flee. It was just the starkest contrast that you could imagine.”