Consumer Contact: Financial Literacy Month 

Russ Van Arsdale was in for Consumer Contact to tell us that April is Financial Literacy Month.Many people find themselves living beyond their means and one way to stop that from happening and the debt from piling up is to become financially literate. Russ told us about the website It’s a government website that has financial advice for people to become more aware of how to make budgets, where to keep your money, and how to save for when emergencies happen.There is a conference set to take place on Thursday May, 2nd 2013 in Augusta to help promote financial literacy in Maine schools. The conference is called Fostering Financial Literacy in Maine Schools Conference and is organized by corporate, nonprofit, and government sponsors. The goal of this conference is to give teachers the tools to help students in kindergarten through college prepare for life in the real world. For more information about this conference you can call the Office of Securities at 1-877-624-8551 or email [email protected]