Bangor Home Show Draws A Big Crowd 

If home is where the heart is, then many hearts were in The Bangor Auditorium and Civic Center.”They come out here to find what’s new, how they can improve their living space and do it in a costly manner,” said Dean Appleman, Bangor Home Show promoter. Today was the second day of the 43rd annual Bangor home show. With over 300 booths and 212 companies at the event, people were excited. “This is my fifth home show this year. All attendances have been up. There is a slight trend in the building industry now that’s going on,” said Appleman. “We hear a lot about the economy start to go in the right direction they say things are improving,” said Rep. Mike Michaud. “Preventative maintenance has to be done around the house on a yearly basis or maybe on a bi-yearly basis though but big projects that people have been waiting for their coming out right now and their doing them,” said Appleman. “Actually were looking at possible living down at a camp that I have and turning it into a four season home. We’re looking at a lot of the different brands of windows and doors. We’re looking at heating systems. Checking out all of the different vendors that are here,” said Paul Natale, a Canaan resident. While consumers can one stop shop, local businesses are also benefiting.”The market is coming back right now too. People are more interested in improving their houses so I think it’s going to be a good year and this is a good start to the season,” said David Plowman, part-owner of P.D.Q. Door. “It’s good for the Bangor area. When I pulled in today the parking lots were full so that’s fantastic,” said Rep. Michaud. Some local companies were even trying to do some good.”We’re certainly up here promoting our businesses but more importantly were having a raffle and were raising money for the Miranda levitt diabetes fund,” said Michael Michaud, salesman with Gagne & Son. Overall it seems that the event is bettering the community.”A good crowd here today and hopefully folks are able to talk to the local small businesses who are here and help move the economy in the right direction,” said Rep. Michaud. Tomorrow is the last day to check out the show.Doors will be open from 10AM-5PM. Tickets are $7 for adults.Children 12 and under get in for free.