Long Term Care Residents Honored by The MHCA 

Generations of families packed the statehouse on Friday as a way to appreciate their elders.It’s part of the Maine Health Care Association’s 11th Annual Remember ME program.Maine Residents ranging from 61 to 107 years old are recognized for their accomplishments prior to living in an assisted living facility.This year, 34 people received the honor, ranging from war veterans to teachers. The CEO of the Health Care Association, Rick Erb, said this is one of his favorite events of the year. “We look forward to the grandchildren and great-grandchild taking a day off from school to see what their elder family members were doing.”First Lady Ann LePage also attended the event and said “It just makes me proud to be living in Maine. Mainers are great people. They take care of one another and this is a testament to that.”LePage took pictures with each of the recipients and their family members as they received the award.