RSU 3 Holds Suicide Awareness Night in Thorndike 

The suicide of a 6th grader in Thorndike is bringing a grieving community together.RSU 3, along with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, hosted a suicide prevention forum at Mount View High School on Thursday night. Parents had the opportunity to speak with community leaders and experts in mental health about coping with the pain of loss.Last month, a 13-year-old student took her own life.Some students say her death was, in part, caused by bullying, and the school did little to address it.Superintendent of schools, Heather Perry, says her teachers follow a regimented procedure on how to deal with bullying, as long as the issues are brought to their attention.Still some parents say the community needs to be more aware of bullying, depression, and suicide.”We didn’t have very many parents, nor staff. I understand it was a grieving process, but it’s our staff that needs to bring this school together,” said parent Heidi Smith. Superintendent Perry said, “One of the things a parent can do is work with the school as an ally to put a stop to bullying. I think together, as a community, we can do that.”One of the night’s guest speakers, Sheryl Morin said, “At first it’s shock, then it’s a mixture of a lot of feelings. Sadness. You miss that person immensely. Rage. Anger.”If you or someone you know is in crisis, the Maine Suicide Hotline can be reached 24-hours a day at 1-888 568-1112.