North Pond Residents React To Hermit’s Arrest 

Authorities dismantled the campsite in Rome today known as the home of the “North Pond Hermit.”Police say 47-year old Christopher Knight is responsible for more than one thousand burglaries in the lake area.Knight was arrested last week after police say he triggered a security device at a camp in Rome.Authorities say Knight lived in the Maine wilderness for twenty-seven years, but what did the “North Pond Hermit” collect?”Clothing, camping gear, back backs, sleeping gear, shovels, bedding, kitchenware, radios, anything you think could come out of a kitchen is here. Game boy type of video games, batteries, just a variety of different household items,” said Maine State Trooper Diane Perkins-Vance. State Police and the Maine Warden Service spent the day dismantling Knight’s living quarters as part of the beginning of their investigationA man who had dreamt of being a computer programmer, they say 47-year-old Christopher Knight had a method to his madness.”He obviously took time and choose a location that would be undetected so that you could walk through the woods and come within a hundred feet of it and not even realize that this subject lived right there just on the other side of a few rocks,” said Sgt. Terry Hughes, Jr. of the Maine Warden Service. “When we went there a couple of days ago, it was silence for the first five minutes. People were just amazed that this guy set this shelter up. He had a bathroom site, a storage site, he had a dump site. He had mouse traps around his tent. He lived in the middle of the woods, but he was worried about mice coming into his tent. Meticulous,” said Harvey Chesley, Facility Manager of Pine Tree Camp where Knight was discovered. Victims of the burglaries, police say the hermit is responsible for, feel relieved.”We’ve been broken into at least fifteen times over the years. I felt very violated. I can’t say I was scared because he was just a hermit looking for food,” said Louise Proulx, a resident in the area. “I’ve actually left notes out saying whatever you want for food just leave a note, don’t break in, leave a note and ill get the food and well put it wherever you want us to go put it and you can pick it up whenever you want to,” said her husband, David Proulx. After all the work the North Pond Association has done, they can’t believe he has been caught. “We tried to do neighborhood watches. We’ve had state troopers come and speak at our annual meetings. We’ve had people put up web cams and just try to keep a lookout for each other, it didn’t matter because nobody has see him,” said Jodie Mosher-Towle, a North Pond Association member. But what about this hermit’s future? “I think he should be prosecuted for stealing as much as he stole..he was capitalizing on others people’s belongings,” said Louise Proulx. “I’m almost sad about it because its over but you know he did commit crimes and he does have to pay for his crimes but still there is a sad story in there somewhere,” said Mosher-Towle.