Gun Legislation Hearings Continue 

The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee is continuing hearings Thursday on a number of bills having to do with concealed weapons permits and firearms.At 10 a.m. there will be a hearing on Republican Rep. Aaron Libby’s bill. It allows anyone with a firearms permit to have a loaded firearm or crossbow in their vehicle, not just concealed weapons permit holders.It also allows a person to shoot from a motor vehicle or motorboat in self-defense or defense of property.The bill allows a legal gun owner to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.At 1 p.m. there are public hearings for three more bills. The first prevents anyone who has created a police standoff from possessing a firearm.Another bill directs the Department of Public Safety and Bureau of Identification to create a database of people involuntarily committed or admitted to a mental health institution. That information would be used when issuing concealed weapons permits.A third bill requires retired law enforcement officers who carry a concealed handgun without a permit to take a gun safety course