Convenience Store Robber Steals Beer and Cigarettes 

A group of convenience stores in Somerset County are cleaning up after a string of burglaries. Employees from stores in St. Albans, Palmarya, and Hartland say a young man broke into early Tuesday morning.Crystal Nichols, an Assistant Manager at the St. Albans Mini Mart said she discovered the glass door as shattered when she came into work around 4:30 am.TV 5 has learned the alleged robber took beer and cigarettes from the St. Albans store, Moosehead Market and Wright’s General store.Most of the stores affected have security cameras. Nichols said “It shows his whole body and him coming in through the door. He just had his head tilted from each camera, so apparently he’s been here before because he knew where all the cameras were.”Employees said they’ve handed over the security tapes to state police. The Somerset County Sheriff’s Department said they are investigating.