Glenburn Kindergarten Students Present A Night at the Theater 

It’s showtime for kindergarten students in Glenburn. TV 5 got a sneak peek of ” A Night at the Theater”. The event is made up of nine skits, all performed by kindergarten students. ” I liked it when the people laughed when I did the little dance,” said Zoey McLaughlin, one of the students. Each story teaches and important lesson. In one skit, the frog, bee, and beetle won’t help out the little yellow chicken, but eventually they realize that’s mean. At the end of the skit, they end up saying sorry to the little chicken. ” It’s fun and I like doing the hand motions,” said Zachary Ryder, who played the little yellow chicken. Ratty Tatty is another character, and she’s not very nice. ” I just steal other people’s food,” explained Zoey, who played Ratty Tatty. When one character lets others help her make soup, it gets way too salty. ” The audience was laughing and liked that part,” explained Alison Wilson, who played the grandmother. There’s also the tale of the animals who eat all of the farmer’s cake and then, make him a new one. ” They eat it and then they make it out of hay and bone and old milk and chicken,” described Connor Martinkovic, who played the goat. The pied piper, Cinderella, and Mrs. Wishy Washy are all in on the fun, too. It’s a creative way to teach a lesson while having a good time.