Controversial Burnham School Vandalized 

An old school in Burnham that’s been the subject of controversy in that town was vandalized early Wednesday morning.Stuart Huff, Chairman of the Burnham Selectboard, said someone heard glass breaking around 5:00 a.m. and called police.Waldo County Sheriffs Deputies found several windows broken and the glass smashed out of the front door.The old school has divided residents in town.Some people want to move the town office into the school while others want the property sold to generate revenue for the town.A vote on the issue was thrown out because of procedural problems. Town officials say they don’t believe the vandalism is politically motivated. “I think it was a bunch of drunks by the looks of the beer bottles and alcohol bottles. I don’t think it was politically motivated,” Huff said.Huff said thousands of dollars of damage was done, but the building is insured.Burnham residents will vote again in June on what to do with that old school.