Bangor City Council Discusses Proposed Budget 

As Maine municipalities brace for what could be a financially challenging year, leaders in Bangor are trying to stay ahead of the curve. On Wednesday, the city council discussed the coming year’s budget and capitol plan.With the proposed elimination of revenue sharing with cities and towns through Governor LePage’s biennial budget, they could be forced to cut. Councilors are considering the privatization of some local government operations, combining positions for school and city departments, selling city property, and reducing contributions to emergency services. “I want our men and women to have the best possible equipment that they can have but those three expenses seem like a lot right now,” said councilor Ben Sprague. “You would not get behind the wheel of a car that was that old and with that many miles and go anywhere. They go and save lives,” said councilor Patricia Blanchette. The city’s finance director Deb Cyr noted that the budget is $4.6 million under the state’s limit for tax growth. Bangor’s municipal budget is tentatively scheduled for ratification on June 11th.