Take This Job & Love It: New England Denture Center 

In this edition of Take This Job and Love It, Chelsey Anderson is hoping to bring a smile to your face. She visited the New England Denture Center in Bangor.Chelsey- “That’s right, and this family owned business does what they can to make you comfortable and send you home happy. I stepped in on the process where the dentures go from wax to hard acrylic.”—–Stephanie Buxton, Denturist- “So these are what we call the flasks. These are what’s going to hold that liquid material until it sets into the duplicating material.””So now we’re actually going to take the model out. What you’re going to do is just pull away a little bit.””With you’re thumbs you’re going to lift that denture out. Try not to separate too much.” Chelsey- “Except I’m cracking all the way through here.””Now, have I messed it up by cracking right there.” Stephanie- “That’s okay. That’s what we have these rings for.””So we’re going to take this little instrument and you’re actually going to kind of screw it right into the end of the denture.””Now we’re going to take our knives. So we’re going to pop the teeth out of the wax here.”Chelsey- “Oooo!” Stephanie- “You okay?” Chelsey- “Yes I’m good. Just trying to lose a finger there.””Sometimes too it might be easier if you got between them and kind of wiggled it out the side.” “There we go.””Put them in the trays so we can melt all that other wax away.””Stop the boil here and we’re going to lift out our teeth.””We’re going to blow them dry.” (nat)”Now what we have to do is actually rough up the backs of the teeth so the new acrylic will stick to the teeth and not pop out on us.”(nat) “So how you can see it’s all nice and roughed up? To help make sure that, that tooth stays on we’re going to drill a little hole in the back of that tooth.” (nat)”The more pressure you apply the less likely that tooth is going to want to pull away on you.”(nat tink)”Is that because I wasn’t holding on tight enough basically?” “Sometimes those little ones get pretty slippery, so that happens to the best of us.”Chelsey- “Um, I think that tooth went over there.””It seems to have shot from here, over this way.” Stephanie- “We’ll hunt for the tooth.” Elizabeth Stevens, Technician- “We’ve actually found one outside before when we had the window open.” Chelsey- “Oh no!””I’m sorry ladies. They were same day teeth until I started.” (laughter)Stephanie- “And we found the tooth.” (cheers) “No harm, no foul.”Chelsey- “I was evicted from the seat.”Elizabeth- “We’re going to go over them one more time so there’s no debris and they’re as clean as they can be.””So I start with this one. That molar and it goes to this side. So next I take a pair of tweezers and I’m going to kind of tap and push on the back to make sure they’re all the way in.””And then take your model and slide it back on.””The monomer is the liquid we’re going to mix with the acrylic.””Mix it all up so it’s good and mixed and we’ll swirl and get all the bubbles out and then kind of slowly and steadily pour it in.””Make sure they’re all the way full.” Chelsey- “Oh. Okay.” Elizabeth- “Very carefully set them in here.”(nat steam, nat water drip)”And we have hardened dentures.”Chelsey- “So I’ve tried your job today, but how did everything turn out? Do I have the job?” Stephanie- “I’d say you probably have the job. A little more training might be needed though.” From there the dentures are trimmed and taken in for one last cleaning, so they can be handed to the patient for a shiny smile.