NH Man Charged in Maine’s Largest Illegal Elver Possesion Case 

The Maine Marine Patrol said it has summonsed a New Hampshire man in the largest case of illegal possession of elvers in the history of the fishery.The marine patrol said they issued a summons to Phillip Parker, 41, of Candia, N.H., after an investigation revealed he was going to sell 41 pounds of elvers without a license.Maine law prohibits the possession of the baby eels without a valid license. Currently Maine and South Carolina are the only two states with an elver fishery.The fine for illegal possession of elvers in Maine is currently up to $2,000.That is an insufficient deterrent, according to Maine Department of Marine Resources officials, given the current $2,000 per pound value of elvers in Maine.There is a law the legislature is considering that would allow law enforcement to arrest people fishing elvers without a license, and would make the $2,000 fine mandatory.The Marine Patrol sold the confiscated elvers and will hold the money pending outcome of the case. Parker’s vehicle,a U-Haul trailer and equipment for storing and transporting live elvers were also seized.Parker is scheduled to appear in Newport District Court on May 29.