Budget And Layoff Talks At Brewer School Meeting 

The Brewer School Committee held a special meeting Monday night to discuss the budget and potential layoffs.This was the second meeting looking at the school budget.The Brewer School System Superintendent, Daniel Lee, said at first look, they were about a million dollars short.He says they have since been able to reduce about two-thirds of that.They talked earlier about hoping to get a 1.6% increase approved by Brewer taxpayers.Lee says that they are struggling because the state has been unable to fund schools properly.”Will our legislature stand up and say we support schools, we’ll finance them, we’ll insure that children have good teachers and good programs across the state. That’s what we really need our legislature to do,” said Lee.”I think that the superintendent and the school committee have worked very, very hard to put together a budget that will be fair to the citizens in Brewer, and keep the quality of education that we have and above all, lay off as few people as possible,” said Lucy Girodet, Brewer Education Association President.Ynder a state statute, they have to give teachers 90 days notice of being laid-off.Monday night they discussed the positions that would be eliminated if the state’s revenue sharing is cut.At their next meeting, they will be eliminating them by names.They ultimately hope to not have to see any teachers or staff be cut from the school system.