Teachers Discuss the Benefits of Art at UMaine 

It’s not a school day, but art teachers from around the state were in classroom’s at UMaine on Saturday.About 90 teachers participated in the Annual Maine Art Association Conference.It’s a time where educators from around the pine tree state and meet up and discuss new ideas.One organizer said art is all about community, so it’s important to collaborate with other artists.Teachers were also able to discuss funding for the arts and the cognitive and physical skills it involves. UMaine Art Professor, Laurie Hicks, said “If you talk to employers, that’s what they’re interested in. They want people who can problem solve. They want people who can visually imagine possibilities and that’s what art education is about.””I just think it’s really important for children, young people, and all of us to be exposed to as many different kinds of materials, art forms, teachers, and opportunities as possible,” said Jodi Clayton, Owner One Lupine Fiber Arts in downtown Bangor. Clayton was also a workshop advisor at the event. Organizers said they hope teachers go back to their communities and are inspired by the new things they learn at the yearly conference.