“Cinderella Project of Maine” Makes Girls Sparkle In Belfast 

Caitlin Burchill

It may still feel like winter in Maine, but local high school girls were thinking spring on Saturday!Just after midnight, dozens and dozens of girls started lining up at Reny’s Plaza in Belfast.They were waiting for dressing room doors of the “Cinderella Project of Maine” to open around 9AM, so they could pick out their dream prom dress without a cost. The “Cinderella Project of Maine” is a program made up of “Fairy Godmothers” who collect new or gently used dresses throughout the year. “I see prom as being really important to girls, but also it can be a financially drain for a family. With our focus of sending girls to college, my thought to families and girls is please save the $400. Get a beautiful dress and have an amazing experience and save your money for something else,” said “Fairy Godmother” Jessica Woods.This is the Cinderella Project’s eighth year giving out dresses. “I love the dresses that I’ve gotten from here so far like they’re all so pretty and they’re just so elegant,” said Candy Cook, a junior for Searsport. Having missed out on her prom, Cassandra Christie wanted her daughter to find a special dress. “I want it to be everything she’s ever wanted. This is an experience I’m kind of living a little through her,” said Christie, from Madison. “I want one that is very poofy,” said her daughter, Chenyrene Winchester. Throughout the day, “Fairy Godmothers” helped each girl find the perfect dress. “Right now, in this building, we have twenty-eight volunteers whose sole purpose is to make these girls feel like they are the most important person in this room,” said Woods. And that they did,”This was the first and only dress I tried on. I love it,” said Winchester. “I’m so glad I came with her and got to experience this with her,” said Christie. Now let’s hope the weather is warmer on their prom day!