State Worker Allegedly Abused After Refusing to Shred Official Documents 

State lawmakers are calling for an investigation after a state worker says she was abused because she refused to shred official documents.Sharon Leahy-Lind says her bosses swore at her, called her names, even physically abused her because she wouldn’t break the law. Sharon Leahy-Lind spoke about her case Thursday afternoon at her lawyer’s office but would not answer any questions. “Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and it is my goal to shine light on one area of state government that is broken and causing harm to me and to the people of Maine.” Leahy-Lind says her bosses at the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention verbally harassed her and physically abused her because she wouldn’t follow orders that she says broke the law. She says her boss ordered her to shred documents before a newspaper could request them through a Freedom of Information act.Part of the complaint reads, “When she found out I hadn’t shredded the documents, she physically assaulted me, and ordered me to take the documents to my home and destroy and dispose of them there.”Leahy-Lind says she didn’t take them home or destroy them.The documents allegedly related to how the CDC went about distribuing money to certain health programs. Leahy-Lind alleges the process was rigged. One of the losers in the funding fight: Healthy Adroscoggin of Lewiston. The organization’s CDC funding was cut by more than half.”I have no idea what the administration was thinking about when they did that,” said Democratic senator from Lewiston, Margaret Craven. “It just seems like an unfair thing to do.” Craven serves on the board of Healthy Androscoggin and also represents Lewiston at the State House. She’s one of the lawmakers calling for an investigation to get to the bottom of this. “These are public dollars, and I think that the people of the state of Maine need to know that dollars are distributed equally and fairly, and actually be able to trace the dollars that are spent in the state of Maine.”The state’s oversight committee will decide next Friday whether to investigate.The Maine CDC and DHHS say they won’t comment on personnel matters.Sharon Leahy-Lind is on paid administrative leave.