Seafood Smokehouse Expansion Creates Jobs In Belfast 

Ducktrap River of Maine has announced plans to expand its Belfast facility, thanks to a $4.5 million investment from the seafood smokehouse’s parent company.The money will not only increase the size of the plant, but it will also add more jobs. “We’re expanding about 50% of the size of the operation which will allow us to double the volume that were putting out. We’re currently employing about 120 people and were expecting to increase that by another 40 to 50 more people within a four year period basically,” said Don Cynewski, General Manager of Ducktrap River of Maine. This City of Belfast is excited.”When we first heard about this, we had goose bumps because it was just great to see them investing here in this climate. We just think it’s a great environment for business. And, we’re really excited about this particular manufacturing development for new manufacturing jobs,” said Joe Slocum, Belfast City Manager. “The people at Ducktrap here have a quality product. We’re just tickled to death that they’re here and they’re able to expand,” said Belfast Mayor Walter Ash. More jobs means more delicious seafood.”With this expansion, we’re going to be able to meet the increased demand that we see for Ducktrap products,” said Jeff Johnson, National Sales Manager of Ducktrap Rover of Maine. “Their product is great. I’ve sampled many pounds of their product may I say. All joking aside, they’ve been good neighbors to Belfast. They’ve been good people to have in the community,” said Ash.