RSU 67 Even Safer After Security Updates in Light of Connecticut Shooting 

School officials say students in RSU 67 are even safer, thanks to changes in security. Officials have now made improvements to all three schools in the Lincoln area in the wake of last year’s deadly shooting in Connecticut. Among them, all of the buildings have systems to buzz-in visitors so no one can walk into the schools without permission. Workers also added more security cameras. Superintendent Denise Hamlin says she still wants to replace some doors and locks on the buildings and upgrade the surveillance system.”One of the consequences of being in a small community is people feel relaxed with the people coming in and out of our buildings. And it’s a culture that needs to change. We need to make sure our students are safe and secure at all times. And it doesn’t matter whether we know the individual at the door, we need to make sure we’re following proper protocol.”Earlier this week voters turned down a plan to have all of the security work done during this school year, so the superintendent says the rest of the upgrades will take place this summer. She says staff and students will also be doing emergency evacuation drills and emergency lockdown drills at the schools in the next few weeks.