Former Governor Baldacci Responds to What He Calls a Personal Attack 

Former Governor John Baldacci isn’t happy about a TV ad that starts off with an attack against him. The ad urges lawmakers to pay off the state’s $484,000,000 debt to Maine hospitals. It’s paid for by a conservative political group. The ad claims Baldacci’s administration left “hundreds of millions of dollars of welfare debt through unpaid hospital bills, causing layoffs, threatening care of seniors and families. “Baldacci says it’s a misleading political attack and not true. ” We worked out an agreement with the Maine Hospital Administration and they signed off on it. We worked together in a bipartisanship with the legislature to pay down on hospital settlements to the tune of $473-million, so we addressed it even when we didn’t have the money and we used federal recovery funds to help to make sure hospitals were first in line and I think for people to say we didn’t address it and walked away from it is just not true. In terms of people not getting access to healthcare, there was never an instance where anybody was ever presented to me that they weren’t able to get hospitalization or healthcare at a hospital because of hospital financing so I think on both fronts it’s erroneous,” said Baldacci. Baldacci says he has not made a decision yet regarding running for governor in 2014.