Waterfront Concerts In Bangor Start Setting Up New Layout 

The excitement is building for the upcoming concert season on the Bangor waterfront.But, how you’ll be seeing the shows has completely changed.”You’re looking at about 17, almost 18 feet of elevation change from the downstage edge of the stage, which is the very front of it where the crowd starts, to the rear of the venue, where as last time, the last three years, we’ve only had really six to seven feet of elevation change,” said Alex Gray, president of Waterfront Concerts.There’s also a new lawn configuration that makes for better viewing.”It’s a substantially better overall experience for the fan and for the artist. The artist is looking at the historic Bangor backdrop, of the old church steeples and so on, Joshua Chamberlain Bridge, it’s just a much more beautiful overall layout, and of course views from the lawn showing the 395 bridge, the casino, the new arena, Penobscot River, all the beautiful attributes this site has,” said Gray.The new setup should also reduce the noise.”Really, ultimately, this is going to help bring in the biggest acts, but its also going to help stem some of the noise complaint issues,” said Gray.The plan is to eventually have a rooftop-style amphitheater feel.”Long term, the goal is to have the city put a covering over the premium seats and maybe the secondary section. We can make it probably one of the best venues in the country, first class. I just think its going to be an amazing experience. The artists are going to be blown away and the fans are going to be blown away this year,” said Gray.