Snowmobiler Talks about Being Trapped Under Sled for 18 Hours 

A Massachusetts man was stuck under his snowmobile in northern Maine for 18 hours. Paul Lessard, 64, rides in Maine a lot, this time though, he made a mistake. Lessard, who goes by Moses when he’s riding, says he went on a trail he shouldn’t have. His sled, named Big Foot, tipped over. Thursday afternoon, Lessard talked with TV 5 about what happened, and how he was found. ” I was like half hanging down and half on my side. I wasn’t able to move very much but I kept my cool,” explained Lessard. ” I still had my helmet on, couldn’t even take my helmet off. I just pulled my neck, I’m pulling and all of a sudden I was able to take the helmet off, and that’s sorta like I came back to life!.”Lessard went on to describe how he was found, ” he looks over and he says, snowmobile track, that’s an Arctic Cat track. That’s where Moses is! He found me! Here I am today, safe and sound!”Lessard has no serious injuries. He recommends riders never go off their planned course.