Searsport Planning Board Rejects DCP’s Request to Withdraw Application 

The application to build a 20-million gallon propane tank at Mack Point has been withdrawn, but the Searsport Planning Board says, ‘not so fast’.On Wednesday, the board voted unanimously in favor of a motion brought forth by their attorney, Kristin Collins, to reject DCP Midstream’s request to withdraw their application and instead to continue with their site plan review.The board believes that by issuing a final decision on the application to build the propane terminal, they will prevent the company from re-applying in the future with an adjusted plan.No one from DCP was on hand for the meeting.The town’s legal counsel fears the company isn’t done yet, and may return with a request to change the town’s zoning ordinances. “We ended up going with the decision to go ahead and issue a final decision because that prevents this application from being resubmitted even two weeks from now and putting the board through the same process,” said Collins. Upon learning of the board’s decision, DCP Spokesperson Roz Elliot said, “We are confused. We withdrew our application. There is no prohibition on the applicant withdrawing their application. We have no intention of pursuing this, given the local circumstances, so we did that as a courtesy.”The Searsport Planning Board will continue with their site plan review Thursday night at 6:30 P.M.They hope to have a final decision by the end of the meeting.