Bill Would Help Domestic Violence Victims Start A New Life 

Two new pieces of legislation will help make it easier for domestic violence victims who are trying to start a new life in Maine.That’s what the bills’ sponsor, Colleen Lachowicz says.The bills would waive the requirement that someone would have to live in Maine for six months before they can file for divorce, if they’re a victim of domestic violence.The second bill waives the court filing fee for abuse victims.Lachowicz says the idea came to her on the campaign trail. “I had a woman, I knocked on her door last summer, and she had come back to Maine after being in an abusive marriage for a number of years in another state,” she said Thursday. “She came here with her kids, got a job, did all the things you’re supposed to do. But she couldn’t file for divorce and she really wanted to keep herself and her kids safe and to start to build their new life.”