Swanville Man Admits to Pulling Gun on Belfast Police Officer 

A man from Swanville accused of pulling a loaded gun on a Belfast police officer admitted to the crime today.28-year-old Benjamin Thompson, an Iraq war veteran, pleaded guilty to criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, a felony.In June of 2011, a Belfast police officer shot Thompson four times after Thompson got of out his car with a gun and held it in threatening way. A jury convicted Thompson last fall of OUI, having a loaded firearm in his vehicle and failure to stop for an officer.As part of a deal with prosecutors, Thompson’s sentencing for But they deadlocked on the most serious charge.Wednesday’s case will be delayed for two years. If he can stay out of trouble and continue counseling, he’ll be allowed to plead to a misdemeanor charge of criminal threatening and be ordered to pay a $500 fine. If not, he’ll face a harsher sentence.Thompson is scheduled to be sentenced on his three convictions later this month.