Reaction To Bradford Man’s Manslaughter Conviction 

A jury in Bangor reached a verdict in the Bradford murder trial on Tuesday. The jury agreed that Robinson is guilty of manslaughter after deliberating Peter Robinson’s fate for more than eight hours over two days.While both the prosecution and the defense agreed Robinson killed David Trask,71, of Hudson with a crowbar in November of 2011, Robinson claimed he was acting in self defense.Robinson, who just turned 50-years-old this past weekend, stood emotionless as the foreman read of his guilty conviction.”I’m very pleased with the verdict, obviously the jury took it very, very seriously. These cases are always extremely difficult when you have one person who is involved in a confrontation who is no longer alive,” Andrew Benson, Assistant Attorney General. “We’re disappointed that they found him guilty of manslaughter. We’re certainly pleased he wasn’t found guilty of murder. I think they obviously determined there was a self defense component. Probably decided that its was what we call imperfect self defense which reduces murder to a manslaughter charge and now we have got to figure out where we go from here,” Thomas Hallett, attorney for the defendant. The victim’s family was disappointed that Robinson was not found guilty of murder. “My father was a wonderful man and nobody deserves what he got. I’m glad Robinson’s in jail. It’s a good place for him. It’s where he needs to stay,” said Deanna Trask, the victim’s daughter. “No we are not happy with the verdict. My poor old father we buried him in a closed casket about a year and four months ago and there was close to 700 people at his funeral. You know bullies don’t have have 700 friends, family and friends, ya know,” said the victim’s son, David Trask. The defense had claimed the Trask family were like bullies and Robinson and his wife felt threatened. Robinson and his family were also upset with the verdict.His family was not available for comment. “He’s obviously disappointed, he’s obviously disappointed. He knows what happened that day and he know it was self defense and that he couldn’t have don’t anything differently. So he’s disappointed. Nevertheless he went through a full trial and the jury spoke and that’s that,” said Hallett. As Robinson was led out of the courtroom, he shook his head at his family, whispered “I love you” to his wife and he was taken to jail.Robinson will be held without bail until sentencing, which is expected to take place within the next month. He faces up to thirty years in prison.