Peter Robinson Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Death of David Trask 

A Bradford man has been found guilty of manslaughter in connection to the death of a Hudson man. Peter Robinson was on trial for the 2011 beating death of David Trask, 71, of Hudson. Robinson was found not guilty Tuesday of murder, but jurors did find him guilty of manslaughter. Both the prosecution and defense agreed Robinson killed Trask by hitting him with a crowbar, but Robinson said it was self defense. During the trial, Robinson’s wife recounted many of the land disputes she witnessed between her husband and the Trask family. She told the jury her husband burst through the door and was on his knees crying after he killed Trask. She testified that her husband thought Trask was going to kill him so he hit him really hard. Prosecutors also questioned Trask’s brother and son. They asked them about an incident in February 2009 in which Robinson believed members of the Trask family were trespassing on his land while bobcat hunting. The defense argued the men should have known they were trespassing, adding after the 2009 incident, the victim purchased land next to the Robinson’s to push the defendant and his wife off the land. Trask’s brother testified that Robinson threatened him about these issues on separate occassions in 2011, at one point saying ” the war is on” and ” D Day is coming.” Robinson could receive up to 30 years for manslaughter. The judge has ordered him to be held without bail.