DCP Midstream Withdrawing Application to Build Propane Tank in Searsport 

DCP Midstream is withdrawing its application to build a 22-million gallon propane tank at Mack Point. Last week, members of the Searsport Planning Board decided the proposal didn’t meet safety requirements within the town’s land use ordinances. The so-called “blast zone” that could be effected in the event of a rupture in the tank was the reason for the board’s decision. The board also ruled that the plans did not meet requirements for noise levels in residential areas that DCP Midstream trucks would be passing through. Roz Elliott, spokeswoman for DCP Midstream, said they are disappointed but it doesn’t make sense to continue to have the board go through deliberations. ” It’s unfortunate. We really wanted to be here. We really wanted to bring some economic development to Maine and especially Searsport. So we’re quite disappointed and with this, with the current circumstances at the local level we don’t foresee doing any future capital investment in Maine,” said Elliott. “We wish we could have brought construction jobs to Searsport locally. As you know, a lot of people are traveling out of state to feed their families. We just would have liked to have brought them home for 18 months.”DCP Midstream officials said the project would have brought more than 100 jobs to the area for more than a year. Members of Thanks But No Tank, a group opposing the propane tank released this statement Tuesday afternoon: “A company press release was sent earlier to news outlets without notifying either the planning board or our legal team. As such, we do not know what their plans include for their state and federal permits or what sort of plans they may have moving forward.  Planning board Chairman Probert has confirmed the meeting of the Searsport Planning Board is still on for Wednesday at 6:30pm in Union Hall. We encourage everyone to come down and hear exactly what DCP has to say to the planning board. It is our hope this truly is the end of the line for this unwanted, unneeded, dangerous project. “