Belfast Nonprofit Workshop Discusses Planning And Management 

Like many industries today, adapting to a new work environment can present a challenge. Administrators at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center in Belfast have been trying to help nonprofit workers deal with the shift in their world.”Nonprofits tell me that they really aren’t nonprofit, that they are businesses who are really trying to be able to pay all their bills and look forward,” said Nancy Boyington, assistant director at the UMaine Hutchinson Center.”Times are changing and there’s concerns about finding funding services and the use of technology and how we can all work together to make nonprofit centers viable,” said Joan LeMole, a participant with the Penobscot School.The center offers a nonprofit certificate management program that requires participants to take six different one-day workshops. “You can take courses for two or three years and then build towards that certificate at the end to earn it,” said Boyington.”It’s certainly convenient, and it’s one day. You know, you go and you hit it running and you come out with some really easy tools to use that are going to have a great effect,” said Kimberly Callas, Executive Director of the Belfast Creative Coalition and participant.The topic of Monday’s workshop was all about planning.”The step by step process of a strategic plan, and also the idea that it has to be really flexible. And, nowadays, as a nonprofit, you have to be like an entrepreneur, and really address it that way,” said Callas.One benefit from the workshops is that they can all come together to share struggles and strategies.”We’re actually having them work together, so that they are developing some of the skill sets of how to work with each other,” said Jane Haskell, a co-facilitator of the workshop.”Part of this is learning with your peers. We’re kind of all in this together,” said Richard Baldwin a participant with Educational Passages.”We’re really looking at a model that allows nonprofits to get clear about who they are in the world and what it is they’re doing in order to be able to respond to the quickly changing environment,” said Deb Burwell, a co-facilitator of the workshop. For more information on the course call Nancy Boyington 1-800-753-9044 or email her at [email protected]