Hampden Church Celebrates More Than Just Easter 

Laughter and smiles filled the Hampden Highland United Methodist Church on this sunny, Easter Sunday. Even though it’s a holiday, the members of this congregation are also celebrating another special occasion.”This was the return for the folks at Hampden Highlands to the sanctuary and the space here. We’ve been worshipping with the folks at Ellingwood Corner. We’ve doubled the number of worship times there and went down and gathered together after the damage from water that came after the big storm about eight weeks ago,” said senior pastor David Nichol.Feburary’s blizzard caused significant damage to the church.”Somewhere between 30 and 40 thousand dollars worth of work that needed to be done. The ceiling tiles were completely destroyed from water damage. The sprinklers on the second floor burst, and there was significant damage to the floors on the upper-level, to the ceilings down here, to the walls, especially around the baseboards, both upstairs and down in the newest part if the building,” said Nichol.Church leaders and members rolled up their sleeves, along with some neighborly love, came togehter to repair the church.”All of that was through a combination of some very generous contractors, of some work mission teams, one which came for the Lincoln Methodist Church and the blessing of being insured and having the insurance check when it come, when it was needed it was needed to pay the bills,” said Nichol.With support like that, it seemed easy for them to weather this storm.”There are silver linings sometimes to these clouds. We were able to team up with our sister-church, elling’s wood in Winterport. We made some new friends and found some new ways to encourage one another’s mission and ministry and it really culminated with Easter today, so Easter is in fact, about the resurrection, so this is a resurrection of sorts, of our own church,” said Noel March, a member of the church.”I think folks are ecstatic. It’s Easter and folks would be ecstatic no matter what, but I think being back here has just added a new level of joy to this day,” said Nichol.