Successful 5k Breast Cancer Fundraiser In Belfast 

Steve Lapointe has run in a lot of races, but the one he ran on Saturday was different. “It means more than any race I’ve ever done,” he said. His wife Jeanne was diagnosed with breast cancer this past December. “She’s incredible. She’s the strongest person I know,” said Lepointe. “My husband and I have participated in a lot of races activities in the last year and I’m finally feeling well enough that I can participate today and its really exciting,” said Jeanne Lapointe. The “Ta Ta Trot 5k” was one of the Holy Walkamoles’ fundraisers. “Each person on our team took a pledge to raise $1800 to participate in the Avon Walk in Boston, so this is one of the ways that well raise that money,” said Mandie Sawyer, Race Director and Captain of the Holy Walkamoles. “Events like this are just amazing because you see how many people really care,” said Steve Lapointe. Like the Lapointes’, many runners had some connection to this disease. “It’s personal you know for all of us,” said Sawyer. “My aunt died of cancer,” said Corey Belcher, a race participant. “I work at the local hospital here and so of course we support any of the oncology programs that they run and breast cancer’s a big one,” said Kristen Murbach, another participant. “My mom’s one of the Holy Walkamoles. I think it’s really awesome that she supports such a great cause,” said Aaron Bowles. While runners, joggers, babies, and walkers enjoyed this beautiful day for a good cause, the race also acted as a reminder for women to take precautions. “I hope (the day) just raises awareness as well. The statistics are pretty scary. One in eight people, women, will be effected by it, said Sawyer. “I hope that women realize that it can happen to them and that they need to get their mammograms and they need to be doing self breast exams. It’s all about awareness, said Jeanne Lapointe. The “Ta Ta Trot 5k” raised over $3,000 for the Holy Walkamoles’ cause. 44-year-old Jennifer Quehl from Belfast was the female winner of the race with a time of 21 minutes and 12 seconds. 22-year-old Eric Mauricetter from Old Town placed first for the males with a time 16 minutes and 32 seconds. To donate money to the Holy Walkamoles’ cause, search “Holy Walkamoles” at, or check them out on Facebook!