Deer Isle Family is All Smiles in Ellsworth Affordable Housing 

Security is important for Bobbi Roberts and her family, who are some of the newest residents at Straw Way Family Housing in Ellsworth.”My kitchen is huge, I can’t get over how big my kitchen is. And the living room is great and spacious. We’ve had friends over and they’re like ‘Wow guys,'” said Roberts.The family of five moved in just two weeks ago from their home in Deer Isle and the kids are enjoying every minute of it.The mother of three said “They love their bedroom, my daughter is just ecstatic with her big bedroom.”The complex was developed by Penquis Housing with funding from USDA Rural Development and other companies. With the help of subsidies, low-income families get to call this new development home.The application process has an extensive screening, including background and criminal checks and recommendations from past landlords.Executive Director of the Housing Foundation, Duska Hayman, said “We try to make very strong placements, so that when the folks are living here, they’re able to live side by side, get along with each other and build a community.”The complex has 29 units, including two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and even handicap accessible apartments. Rent is based on income, which gives residents peace of mind. Director of Housing Development for Penquis, Stephen Mooers, said “59% of the city of Ellsworth cannot afford a two bedroom apartment in the prevailing economic conditions that have the same amenities that this one does.”If you’d like to obtain an application you can contact the housing foundation at 1-866-394-2049.