11-Year-Old Charged With Manslaughter Not Fit For Trial At This Time 

An 11-year-old girl charged with manslaughter is not competent to stand trial, at least for now. This according to a Skowhegan judge’s ruling released Friday. But District Court Judge Charles LaVerdiere says the young girl could be found fit to stand trial in the near future.The girl from Fairfield was 10-years-old when police say she recklessly caused the death of 3-month-old Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway.The victim’s mother, Nicole Greenaway, said she was told by police the girl fed her infant daughter prescription medication before beating and smothering her to death in Fairfield last year. The girl’s mother, 33-year-old Amanda Huard, was babysitting the infant at the time.The girl is charged with reckless or criminally negligent manslaughter. She remains the youngest person charged in a Maine homicide case in 30 years. Friday’s ruling comes after a competency hearing held a few weeks ago to determine if the girl was fit to stand to trial. “In light of the court’s observations at the hearing, the court has concluded that, at this time, the State has not met its burden of demonstrating that the juvenile is competent to proceed under the standard established by the Maine Juvenile Code,” LaVerdiere wrote in his ruling.But LaVerdiere stressed that the girl’s competency to stand trial could change soon. “…there is a substantial probability that the juvenile will be competent in the near future.”Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes said the court’s ruling is simply “a snapshot” of the girl’s current mental state. Stokes said the girl will remain in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services where she’ll continue to be treated and evaluated. The State Forensic Service will examine the girl and forward a report to the court for use in further proceedings, according to court documents.Stokes reiterated that his office has no plans to charge the girl’s mother, Amanda Huard. “We don’t have sufficient evidence to pursue charges against her,” Stokes said.