UPDATE: Robinson Trial Day 4 

The state rested their case on Thursday morning and the defense called Peter Robinson to the stand as their first witness. The 49-year-old Bradford man is accused in the beating death of David Trask, 71, of Hudson.Robinson recounted many of the disputes he and the Trask family had about access to land.Robinson said he never threatened any of the Trask family members as the victim’s son and brother testified Wednesday.Although, he said that some of the Trasks had threatened him on different occasions.Robinson testified that one of the days he was threatened was on November 12, 2011, the day he killed David Trask.Robinson said he was in his yard when he saw Trask striking the edge of a crowbar with a hammer down the street from his house. Robinson said he went to speak with Trask about an issue with a gate on a shared access road.When he approached him, Robinson said Trask shouted, “The gate is coming down, and you’re going down,” then Trask attempted to hit him with the crow bar. Robinson said he grabbed the bar and hit Trask in the chest. Robinson then said that Trask reached for his pocket and yelled, “I’m going to kill you, you (expletive, expletive).”When this happened, Robinson thought Trask was reaching for a gun in a holster.Fearing for his life, Robinson told the jury, “I gave him one final blow because I thought he was going to shoot me.”Afterwards Robinson told the courtroom, “I saw the damage that was done and it was awful…I got into the house, I dropped to my knees and started crying…I think I just killed David Trask.” While Robinson claimed he did so in self defense, the state argued that the victim had no plans of killing Robinson.They say Trask was only reaching into his pocket for his cell phone to call for help as the defendant attacked him. The fifth day of testimony will continue on Friday.