Robinson Trial Day 4 

Testimony continues in the murder trial of 49-year-old Peter Robinson of Bradford. Robinson is on trial for the 2011 beating death of 71-year-old David Trask of Hudson.The state rested their case Thursday morning.The defense will start presenting it’s case this afternoon and they will call the defendant, Peter Robinson, to the stand.Earlier this morning, the victim’s death was discussed in detail, which was difficult for members of the Trask family in the courtroom to hear.A blood splatter pattern analysis expert from the Maine State Police testified the victim was on his back when he was struck twice in the face with a crow bar.The defense argued against these conclusions, saying it’s possible the victim may have been upright when he was hit the first time in the chin.Both the prosecution and the defense agree that Robinson killed Trask by hitting him with a crowbar but robinson claims it was self defense.Robinson and the Trask family have had a history of land dispute issues.Trask was killed in November 2011.