Middle School Students Get a Taste of the Real World 

Your average middle school student might not know what they want to be when they grow up, but some pre-teens at the Peninsula School in Prospect Harbor have a few ideas. With the help of a parent group, the school has hosted a career day for the 6th to 8th grade students for the past 3 years. Peninsula School Counselor, Mary Knowlton said “Sometimes they might be shy about something, but all of our students are here today, perfect attendance.” Some professionals believe starting at a young age will help kids in the long run.”Because really, it starts from this age on up, as far as taking an interest in it and certain things in the entire process that kids can do at this age to get themselves ready,” said Eric Rudolph, a District Game Warden.Thanks to a MELMAC grant, which helps middle school students learn about furthering their education, students were able to interact with Game Wardens, Electricians, and even a TV 5 reporter.Sixth grade student, Gracie Clark said she was shocked after hearing how much work a social worker does in and out of the office. “It seems like, impossible. She goes to work every single day, helps them and she can handle her own problems too. So it’s really amazing what she does.”For these future leaders, they’re learning education leads to a direction. “I didn’t know you had to have all that stuff, so I guess it really does matter now,” said Becca Grinnan, 8th grade student. The school hopes to continue these kind of events for future students.