Major Renovation Taking Place on Bar Harbor Buliding 

A big building renovation is taking place in Bar Harbor. It’s helping a landmark remain a vital part of the area. What was once considered a summer cottage is now one of the most well-known building on Mount Desert Island. ” It was the first building on MDI that was put on the National Registry of Historic Places,” explained Darron Collins, president of College of the Atlantic. ” There are 10,000 visitors that come to the campus just to see it. It’s really an emblematic building for the state of Maine and certainly Mount Desert Island.”Built in 1895, The Turrets is a spectacular piece of architecture. Time has aged the building though, so it needs so sprucing up. ” Replacing the slate roof, replacing the soffits, replacing the chimney, new doors. We’re going to have 99 new windows to the building,” said Collins. College of the Atlantic owns the building and it’s a favorite of students, staff and alumni. ” It is the icon which identified COA with the place,” said Curry Caputo, president of Sustainable Structures. Caputo went to COA and is now helping to improve the building. ” We try to determine how many square inches of leak space there are in the entire building envelope,” explained Caputo. ” It’s terrific that alumni contractors will be able to come and work on this building that had so much meaning to their own education,” added Lynn Boulger, dean of institutional advancement at the college. It’s an expensive endeavor at nearly $4,000,000 but the school is working to raise $2,000,000 of it through donations. ” We’ve raised about $1.25-million of the $2-million goal which is terrific,” said Boulger. The goal is to keep the building beautiful, make it more sustainable in its energy efficiency, and have it remain a must-see spot in Bar Harbor. An anonymous $500,000 challenge grant has helped the fundraising efforts. Thanks to the grant, donations are doubled. For more information on the renovations or to donate, click here.