Community Members Visit New Intergrated Medical and Mental Health Facility In Bangor 

At the Washington County Community Health and Counseling Services, they’ve seen many success stories witin in their Wellness Intergration Now program. “When I stated the WIN program, I wanted to get back into walking. I couldn’t even walk a mile, after sitting still for three years,” said Gary Ward, a participant in the Washington County WIN Program, for more than two years. The main focus of WIN is integrating mental health and medical services, in one spot, for their clients.Wade made the trip to Bangor to share his experience with WIN.”Just from being on medication for mental illness, I gained about 60 pounds. I’ve lost 38 of it, and I lost 3 last week, too. But, I worked on it, I set a goal for myself to walk from my house to Community Health and Counseling, and I walked the 18.5 miles. It’s given me my life back, it really has,” said Ward.Administrators with CHCS are hoping people in the Bangor region have similar experiences, now that they’ve teamed up with St. Joseph Healthcare to provide primary and psychiatric care. Studies have shown health issues generally shorten the average lifespan of someone dealing with mental illness.”Anywhere from 15 to 25 years shorter. Hopefully, we’re going to be able to give some of that time back,” said Rose St. Louis, a project director, for the WIN program.Administrators hope that once services begin here next week, people will be waiting.”I’m hoping that it will be filled. And, I’m hoping that we will have incredible outcomes for the people who come here and that they will not be visiting the ED and they’ll be actually able to function out in the community in this best way that they can,” said Mary Prybylo, CEO at St. Joseph Healthcare.”My hope is that people who walk through the doors of community health and counseling services, every time they walk through, they recognize that they can receive the kind of care that we all want to receive. That they know our door is open to whole health care, not just mental health services, and so, we’re looking forward to extending that, and helping our consumers to take care of their overall health,” said Dale Hamilton.